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Things To Do Before Submitting The Application To Study Abroad


In today's time, studying abroad has become the upcoming trend amongst many students. A number of students choose to pursue their higher studies at a foreign destination. Countries all over the globe are blessed with well-known universities and colleges. Studying abroad is an expensive affair as well as an exciting prospect for many students. It provides students an experience of a lifetime in addition to helping them gain invaluable experience. The following things need to be done before submitting the application to study abroad.

Selection of country, university, and course of interest:

The first step before starting your study abroad venture involves selecting the right country to study in. There are a number of top-notch study abroad destinations for international students including the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand. Students should select their preferred study abroad destination. A lot of research is required to be done by the student in selecting their country of choice as they are going to be spending a considerable amount of their time living and studying in that country. 

A number of factors such as the language spoken in that country, climatic conditions, cultural differences, distance to the country where you reside, living conditions, tuition fees, accommodation arrangements, and the availability of post-study work opportunities play a key role in selecting the country of choice.

After country selection, the next step of your study abroad decision involves selecting the right university and course. UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. have well-acclaimed universities for international students to pursue their higher studies. Popular universities in Canada include the University of British Columbia, University of Alberta, McGill University, University of Waterloo, among others. The well-known Australian universities include the University of Melbourne, Monash University, The University of Sydney, UNSW, etc. for international students to study at. Similarly, there are many sought-after universities in other countries as well. Course selection also plays an important role when one wishes to pursue higher studies overseas. One is expected to select his/her course of interest. A number of courses are offered at universities abroad. The trending courses in the UK include Computer Science, Law, Medicine, Accounting and Finance, Architecture, etc. Similarly, Engineering, Art and Design, Hospitality Management, Animation, etc. are among the popular courses opted for by students desiring to study in New Zealand

One should plan well in advance in order to avoid regretting their decision later on.

Arranging Letters of Recommendation, Preparing SOPs, and Compilation of Transcripts:

The student, once he/she starts filling the university application is required to select a topic to write on. Most universities overseas require the student to submit one or two essays. This is vital for the admission process as it helps the admission committee assess the student's application. A Statement of Purpose(SOP) throws light on the student's background, academic credentials, the reason for the student to pursue the said course at the said university, future prospects, etc. The student should invest a lot of time in writing a personal essay that portrays clear and eloquent thoughts within the prescribed word count. This will enable the student's application to stand out amongst the rest.

A LOR is a document written either by professors or managers recommending and supporting the student's decision to study abroad. A Letter of Recommendation is a crucial part of the admission process. The author should talk about his/her acquaintance with the person, the student's experience, performance, skills, achievements, and his/her contribution either to the college/ company he/she is studying in or working at. Through the LOR, the admission council gets an insight into the student's life. They can accordingly decide on the student's admission.

The student is also required to compile his/her mark sheets, scan the transcripts and submit the same to the university of application. The scores obtained by the student are converted to credits or GPA. This, however, depends on the educational system of the preferred country. The following documents need to be scanned and submitted:

·         All academic mark sheets or diplomas

·         Secondary school and college reports recorded by the counselor/principal

·         Report of character

Academic transcripts are the student's academic record and are similar to the consolidated mark sheet that we have in India. This is available from the student's respective university and includes all the courses/subjects opted for, grades obtained, credits, and degree earned.

Appearing for tests and submission of test scores:

In order to seek admission to universities and colleges abroad for the pursuance of higher studies, students are required to appear for standardized entrance exams. The most popular and crucial international entrance tests to study overseas include IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GMAT, PTE, GRE, among others. The marks scored by the student in these tests have to be submitted to the university along with the application. The English language proficiency tests viz. the IELTS test scores are required by most countries and institutions to ensure that the student can write, speak and read in English apart from being able to converse.

These test scores largely determine the student's chances to seek admittance to his/her desired college or university. 


Filling out the Application Form:

Upon selecting the country, university, and perfect program for the pursuit of your higher education abroad, the final step is to fill out the application form to study abroad. The application form contains the student's personal and professional details. In order to avoid any problem, students' should very carefully fill in all the required details (mandatory fields) correctly in the application form as any discrepancy or mistake can result in the cancellation of the entire application process. Always double-check the application form before submitting it.

Students should await the Admission Offer from the university/college he/she has applied to.


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