Saturday 7 October 2023

Pursuing Film Studies Overseas

 Why pursue film studies abroad?

Pursuing film studies abroad gives one the opportunity to gain many advantages, unique opportunities that can boost their education, professional and personal growth. 

       Studying film overseas gives a multicultural and a learning environment. Also, students get a chance to interact with students from various backgrounds. This gives a chance to widen the knowledge about global cinema and cultural influences.

       International institutions have cutting-edge facilities, advanced film equipment and well-equipped studios. There are top-notch resources that enhance the skills for the learning experience and allows one to experiment in order to increase skill sets.

       Film production abroad has professionals and experienced faulty. By learning here, one will get an experience of international exposure. Studying abroad gives you a more comprehensive understanding of the world's film environment by enabling you to comprehend various filmmaking customs, societal narratives, and cinematic styles. This broad perspective might improve your critical thinking and inventiveness.

       Living and learning abroad encourages development of the self, freedom, and flexibility. It motivates you to push yourself beyond your comfort zone, cultivate resilience, and discover more about who you are.

       Your résumé and portfolio will gain credibility from an international film education, which can help you stand out on the job market. Candidates with foreign experience and a diversified skill set are frequently valued by employers.

       Studying abroad gives opportunities to fellow students in the film industry. This gives a global opportunity for future collaborations.

       There are different countries with different filmmaking styles, techniques and storytelling approaches. This gives a broader understanding of learning, inculcating diverse filmmaking methods. This gives a broader skill set.

       The countries also have a rich film culture. The countries often host film festivals. For eg: Miami film festival. These types of film festivals, industry events and screenings helps the student to showcase the work and connect with industry professionals. 

Best countries to pursue film making 

1. UK

The UK is a home to several film-related courses such as film production, screenwriting, film theory, cinematography, film editing, animation and a lot more. As the students’ will be in close proximity to some of the major film studios and production houses, they will get exposure and gain industry experience. The UK has a rich cultural environment. With traditional British film making to modern film making techniques, UK offers the suitable course for its desired students. 

2. USA

The USA has a wide range of film-making programmes that include filmmaking, film production, screenwriting, film theory, cinematography, animation and a lot more. Being a home to several prestigious schools such as University of Southern California (USC) School of Cinematic Arts, New York University (NYU) Tisch School of the Arts and the American Film Institute (AFI) Conservatory, there are a lot of opportunities for filmmaking. Students’ get a good opportunity to make a career in the film industry especially in the aspects of filmmaking, production, post-production, marketing, distribution and a lot more. 

3. Canada

Canada is among the top countries for pursuing a degree in film studies. This country offers the best film schools, film festivls such as Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) and Montreal World Film Festival. By attending these events, the students get an exposure to the industry, networking opportunities and a chance to showcase the student work. Also, the Canadianuniversities provide opportunities to attend workshops, participate in internships and collaborate with industry experts. 

4. Australia

The Australian film industry is dynamic. The film industry produces plenty of feature films, documentaries and short films. Cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane are known for their opportunities in the film sector. Australian universities have been providing internships, industry placements and networking that can prove to be beneficial for candidates’ willing to launch a career in the film industry. 

5. New-Zealand

New Zealand’s entertainment industry is a growing industry. New Zealand is known for producing successful film and television series. Students of New Zealand get the opportunity to get hands-on experience though the film programmes. They also get a chance to work on real film sets that collaborate with professionals. The students get a chance to gain practical skills on direction, editing, cinematography and sound design. New Zealand fosters a creative and innovative environment that encourages the experimentation and artistic expression. The atmosphere is apt for aspiring filmmakers and their potential skills. 

Job opportunities

Studying film studies opens a lot of opportunities in the film, television, digital media, advertising and entertainment industry. The job opportunities will depend on the level of education and experience. Here are some job opportunities available abroad after pursuing film studies:

       Film Director

       Cinematographer/ Director of Photography (DoP)

       Film Editor



       Production Designer/Art Director

       Visual Effects (VFX) Artist

       Sound Designer/Editor

       Assistant Director (AD)

       Location Manager/Scout

       Documentary Filmmaker

       Film Critic/Journalist

       Media Planner/Buyer

       Digital Content Creator

       Multimedia Specialist

       Media Research Analyst

       Public Relations (PR) Specialist

       Broadcast Journalist


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