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Top 4 Masters Courses in New Zealand

July 2019
Upon deciding to study in New Zealand students put themselves in the same environment as some of the greatest academic minds like Sir Ernest Rutherford who pioneered the first split of an atom.

To study Masters in New Zealand, one is required to undertake certain entrance exams. These entrance exams that the student is required to give depends upon where the student wishes to study in New Zealand. Most frequently the student is required to give English Language Proficiency exam because the courses are conducted in English and this will enable students to have an upper-hand in classroom discussions. An IELTS/PTE exam is something the student might be required to give.
Study in New Zealand

There exists a large number of Masters courses in New Zealand, however the top 4 Masters courses in New Zealand include:


Obtaining a Business degree from New Zealand is a highly recognized qualification that students can pursue. Practical skills can be utilized by the student to develop in themselves skill sets that will enable them to launch their businesses. Immense support is provided to international students when they decide to study Masters in New Zealand which enables them to carve a niche in the business world. The decision to study Masters in New Zealand will provide the students the opportunity to network with business tycoons, giving them the chance to jumpstart their careers. Business Masters courses in New Zealand can be undertaken through a Postgraduate Diploma and Certificate in Business or Commerce, the said course can be achieved within a year. Undertaking a Masters in Business creates the opportunity for the student to become an entrepreneur, Human Resource Manager, Policy Analyst, Public Relations consultant, Project manager and many such job avenues. New Zealand has a growing economy, thus studying a Business course will enable the student to find jobs in the country. Masters courses in New Zealand harness in students multiple traits such as those of teamwork, project management and flexibility. As mentioned earlier, New Zealand is an upcoming destination for various businesses and has thus received recognition in terms of ease of doing business, economic freedom and global competitive index. Once you study in New Zealand you are eligible to work 20 hours per week during the duration of the course and full time that is 40 hours during course break. The average wage rate is between NZ$12-$15.

Information Technology

The field of Information Technology is one of the fastest growing fields in the country. By pursuing Masters courses in New Zealand the student not only receives knowledge about technology but also receives business awareness. Emphasis is given to internships because it gives students practical knowledge in the specific course of persuasion. By working on real life projects, the student’s skills in the said area increase multifold. To study Masters in New Zealand in the said field one needs to have a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology or any other related subject. Masters courses in New Zealand provide immense support to the students when they undertake research activities. The student can undertake research in various areas such as those of cloud computing, data mining, network designing or system architecture to name a few. Once the student completes Masters courses in New Zealand they can find jobs in areas such as cyber security, communication specialization, data science, games development, IT business analyst, software development and many more.


Tourism plays a major role in the New Zealand economy. One will not only be able to understand complex issues but also harness in themselves tourism management skills. When the student decides to study Masters in New Zealand especially that of tourism their skills of analysis, communication, presentation and research skills are developed. The duration of this course varies upon the university under consideration, but it usually lasts for 12-16 months. By undertaking a Masters course in Tourism from New Zealand, one gets critical understanding of the subject enabling them to access adequate work opportunities such as those in governmental and non-governmental institutions. Tourism Masters courses in New Zealand are highly interdisciplinary in nature which imbibe in students relevant social, economic, political and cultural sensitiveness which are integral in the said area. By studying Tourism Masters courses in New Zealand, one can find themselves working as a resort manager, tourism operations manager, events planner or a restaurant manager to name a few.


Engineering Masters programs in New Zealand, harness in students values of independence and ingenuity enabling them to have work-study balance. This course will give the student value for money because one can also work for the duration of the course. Masters courses in New Zealand promote students to be part of quality research activities that helps them expand their world view thus giving a jump start to their career. Masters courses in New Zealand will help the student attain success in a wide range of fields that include Civil, Chemical, Electrical, Mechanical and many other fields of study.
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