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UK Student Visa Application

July 2019 

The United Kingdom is a host to one of the oldest education system in the world, making it highly recognized world over. Top rated universities in UK have the presence of notable alumni coupled with specialization fields and modern teaching techniques that make it a highly sought after country. Immense importance is placed on independent learning which imbibes in students’ relevant skills appreciated by several employers. 

UK has a cosmopolitan society which is open to diverse culture from world over. The main intake period begins in September and October. However, some courses have intakes in January, February and April, May. Students have the chance to work during the term for 20 hours per week and full time during holidays. Ample scholarship opportunities are provided by the university; however they are competitive in nature.

Students are of the opinion that to apply for UK student visa is an arduous task. However, that is far from the truth. The UK Student Visa Application process is an extremely streamlined process. To study in UK, one can apply for Tier-4 General Student Visa, if you are above sixteen years of age.

The UK Student Visa Application process can be broken down into the following points:

To be able to apply for UK Student Visa student must have received an offer place in course and be able to pay for the course which also includes other living expenses. Furthermore, pupil must met eligibility requirements and be able to speak, write, understand and read English. Top rated universities in UK recommend that students should begin early applications three months prior to commencement of the course. Once you apply for UK Student Visa you can accept the response to come within three weeks. The visa application fee approximately ranges £348. The UK Student Visa application also includes the cost of healthcare surcharge. Upon receiving UK student visa you can arrive one week before commencement of course if the programs length is six months or less. Furthermore, student can arrive one month before commencement of course if the program lasts for more than six months. 

Upon making UK Student Visa application one is permitted to not only study but also be part of student unions and apply to extend stay. Once you apply for UK Student Visa you are allowed to undertake certain jobs depending upon course and sponsors. You can make an application form either inside or outside the UK. However, top rated universities in UK restrict the students from undertaking certain activities, some of which include prevention of access to public funds, working certain jobs or studying at certain educational institutions. 

You can apply for UK Student visa only if you have received an unconditional offer on the course with a licensed Tier-4 sponsor. It is of critical importance to portray that you can not only pay for the course but also support your living needs. 

Not only top rated universities in UK but all colleges in UK provide students with a CAS number which is the Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies. This number is of immense significance because you have to enter the number on the visa application. UK Student Visa application has different criteria for different applicants. However, what remains the same is the need for the candidate to prove his English language skills. 

To make a UK Student Visa Application one needs to have a certain lists of documents that includes, passport and travel documentation. Top rated universities in UK make it mandatory for students to showcase their ability to not only pay the tuition fees but also have enough funds to sustain their standard of living. Furthermore, the student may also be required to provide additional documents based on their circumstance.

To be able to apply for UK Student Visa one needs to make an online application. However the student will be required to provide biometrics that includes fingertips and photograph. Furthermore, student will be required to collect the biometric residence permit upon 10 days of arrival in the UK. UK Student Visa application can also be extended. However the student will have to meet certain eligibility requirements and be in UK. It is also mandatory for the student to have a sponsor that could either be a higher education institute, an overseas higher education institute or an independent school. To apply for an extension of student visa one must adhere to certain guidelines. They must do so within six months of availing a confirmation of acceptance offer and before the current visa expires. Extension of UK Student Visa application is made online not before three months before start date of course. If the pupil wished to fast track the process, an additional fee will have to be paid. 

UK Student Visa application is relatively easy to obtain. UK Student Visa application is further simplified by introducing PBS (Point Based System) wherein one is required to achieve 40 points to make themselves eligible to get the Student Visa. It is imperative to have a CAS certificate to be issued by licensed sponsor in prescribed format to get 30 points and 10 points for maintenance. Normal length of visa is the full length of the course plus an additional 1 to 4 months depending upon the length of the course offered by top rated universities in UK.
UK Student Visa Application

UK Student Visa Application can be broken down into six simplified steps:

1. Visit the relevant websites to attain information and make an online application. 

2. On the day of the appointment, arrive early at the visa application center. Bring along appointment letter, application pack, passport, along with a valid travel document with at least 1 page that is blank on both sides. Upon completion of UK Student Visa application an acknowledgment receipt will be issued. This receipt is of immense importance as it will allow you to collect your documents later on. The documents that you submitted at the time of application are those that are only considered, upon completion of the application process further documents will not be allowed to be submitted. You made your application will be the only documents that are considered.

3. One can apply for a visa up to 3 months before date of travel to the UK. It is strongly recommended to not to confirm travel arrangements until you have received UK Student visa.

4. To complete the application process, one must attend an appointment at the visa application centers in India. All UK visa applicants are required to book an appointment before submission.

5. Student can choose between receiving the documents either in person at the application center or via post. 

6. Enroll fingerprints and photograph (biometric information collection) at the visa application center. This includes a digital finger scan and a digital photograph. One should ensure that fingertips are free from any forms of decoration or cuts that can affect one’s ability to provide acceptable finger scans. Digital photograph must be taken with full face, without sunglasses, tinted spectacles, or head covering unless it is worn for religious or medical reasons. 

Once you apply for UK Student Visa documents will be delivered to the student buy the medium accepted by them. It is crucial to check the information printed on the visa to make sure it is valid. 

A health checkup is also required when making a UK Student Visa Application; there exists several medical institutions that are acceptable mediums through which the checkup can be undertaken.

Below given is a comprehensive checklist of all the documents required when you apply for UK Student Visa:

1) Original Passport 

2) Passport Copy 

3) Visa Application VAF9 to fill in online & photograph 

4) CAS issued by the education provider 

5) Advance tuition fees paid receipt from education provider, if any

6) Financial Documents 

a) Saving bank a/c - Recently updated till date - Fund can be in the name of applicant and / or parents 

b) Bank FD's - in the name of applicant and / or parents Funds in saving a/c or Bank FD must be held for 28 consecutive days at the time of making application 

c) Education Loan - Sanction Letter in prescribed form in the name of applicant Note - Funds you are projecting should be from listed financial Institutions only. 

Note - if you are relying on your parents' or legal guardians' funds, you need to provide 

i) Your Birth Certificate or adoption certificate showing the names of both parents and

ii) a letter from your parents/ legal guardian giving you permission to use the funds 

7) Academic Documents and / or work exp. Certificate - as listed on the CAS Certificate - All Originals

8) TB Clearance Certificate issued by one of the Listed penal doctors only.
Top rated universities in UK offer comprehensive assistance when you apply for UK Student Visa. Upon careful deliberation and meticulous planning one can sail through the UK Student Visa application process. Although gaining admit into top rated universities in UK is a nerve wracking process, gaining the Student Visa is equally crucial.

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