Thursday 12 January 2023

Good Study Practices College Students Should Embrace During Their Study Overseas


The decision to study abroad is a momentous one. Students everywhere aspire to stand out in whatever he/ she undertakes and thereby flourish in the future. Studying abroad can seem wheels within wheels thus students should adopt the following habits in order to earn good grades and emerge victorious. 

Take down notes and review the same

·       Learning is a lifelong process and is not limited just to textbooks. Reading vivid sources like newspapers, novels, magazines or even articles on the internet facilitates one to understand affairs taking place globally as well as locally. This in turn can contribute to one's proficiency.

·       One should inculcate the habit of taking notes, be it during a lecture or even while reading something assigned to you. Taking notes succor students to understand the lesson better. It aids in absorbing key terms and ideas more efficiently. 

·       One should also review the notes after class in order to retain the information. Reviewing while the material is still fresh in your mind, enables you to learn the material taught that day, more pertinently.  

·       In case of missing a lecture, one should request one's classmates for a refresher.

·       One should get into the habit of rewriting lecture notes. This is one of the most ingenious approaches of study one should practice. Rewriting will aid one in reminiscing the context better. Additionally, reconfiguring the notes necessitates one to understand the lesson.

Organize the class materials

·       One should dodge keeping a bulky bookbinder or even a backpack of all loose sheets.

·       Instead, the student should very neatly assemble his/her study materials- books, stationery, notes and handouts and set the same into distinct folders.  

·       This enables one to very easily find what one requires for each exam as well as keep one's homework together which in turn, helps to avoid massive clutter. One should color-code as this helps to vary between the topics and keep different topics individually.

·       Take some time out and make sure the folders are in order. Also, download the readings and slides for each lecture ahead of schedule in order to save time.

Avoid any form of distraction during studies

·       One can gain access to large amounts of information, thanks to technology. However, this useful tool can, in turn, create interruptions and inhibit one from centering on one's research.

·       After procuring the required information to write, one should keep one's phone on silent and switch off the wireless connection. 

·       Social media platforms are used today by almost everyone. Communicating on the same or talking over the phone could undermine one's time for a good amount of minutes.

·       On the other hand, upon receiving a notification, one is bound to immediately open it. One may also be required to reply to the same. This could also result in time loss.

·       One can get distracted very easily. In such scenarios, sidestep your phone. Keep it out of sight while studying.

·       Give precedence to your education. Your friends can wait.

·       Distractions can lead to ineffective studying as one loss the train of thought and is ineffectual to focus.

·       Before you sit down to study, find a corner with little/ no background noise. This will prevent you from getting disturbed or distracted.


Build an effective study environment around yourself

·       The next step after organizing your notes and required study material is to create a place of study, a place where one can get motivated and concentrate better on one's studies, free from distractions be it your roommates or the television.

·       This place could be on campus, in a cafe, at home or at the beach.

·       At times, study sessions with classmates may benefit you.

·       Prepare a timetable and spend extra time on independent study per subject even if you just have 12/15 'contact hours' on campus. 

·       Try modifying your study routine. If you rely only on textbook revision, consider switching this routine to creating visual resources viz. flashcards or mind apps.

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