Monday 13 April 2020

5 mistakes students make while studying abroad

Education abroad is an exhilarating experience; students are eager to go through the life-altering adventure. However, in the face of all the excitement, students often end up making mistakes that may hinder their trip.
A careful analysis of the errors made by students and an attempt to curtail the same could enhance your college life.
·        Sticking to your roots
It is an ordeal to uproot yourself and immerse yourself in a new environment during overseas education. However, experiencing the new culture will be an impeccable opportunity for you. We have the tendency to stick to familiar things, break out of the monotony, buy local produce; don’t purchase items that were available back home. Shun away from eating at global chains, hanging out at local cafes, will not only enable you to indulge in the local cuisine but also meet new people. It is natural to recall life at home, however, make a conscious effort to mingle with the locals. Don’t be under the false pretense that things will function like before; be adaptable to your surroundings. Students often fraternize with the same set of individuals; it will be imperative that you traverse by yourself; this will imbibe in your traits of independence and maturity. It will be of second nature for you to check social media, refrain from doing the same to truly relish your study abroad experience. Mingle with the locals but make sure that you don’t lose your character in the process.

·        Not adapting to the culture
Knowing the local language is of utmost importance; it not only aids you in the day to day functioning but also makes you feel part of the group. Make sure that your friend circle is beyond people from your native country, interacting with the locals will be a great learning experience. Do your homework regarding cultural traits such as greetings, salutations and gestures. Understand how locals interact with each other and adopt the same mannerisms. Although going back home during holidays is something all students look forward to, staying back allows you to seep in the new customs and socialize. Locals are extremely helpful to international students, thus constant interaction with them will be of great aid to you. Researching your overseas education destination’s geography, cultural traits and lifestyle will enable you to smoothly adjust into the surrounding. When in a new country, traveling will enable you to incorporate all that the country has to offer.

·        Pre-departure lapses
The application process can be extremely tedious; this often makes the students extremely anxious. The stress coupled with anxiety may result in pre-departure mistakes. Be sure to double-check all the necessary documents. In order to streamline your application process, alternative sources of funding and other substitutes should be taken into consideration. Students often fall prey to silly mistakes such as flight details; countries adopt different conventions for portraying dates which causes confusion in understanding the flight schedule. Packing before the university can be a gruesome task, overpacking and under packing are mistakes that students tend to make. Be sure to take with you all the necessities such as adapter or weather-appropriate clothes.

·        Financial miscalculations
Mishaps are imminent, but financial lapses can be curtailed through appropriate budget planning. Make an account for expenses in food, travel, and shopping which will enable you to appropriately spend your funds while you study abroad.

·        Being stuck in the classroom
Classwork is often overburdening, however, if you’re unable to incorporate practical experiences, your learning process will incomplete. You’ve decided to study abroad for a reason, make sure you explore the same. If the course program permits you to take up jobs, do so because they will aid you in covering your expenses and provide you with new experiences.

Don’t restrain yourself, education abroad is an exhilarating experience. Avoid selecting a university purely based on rankings or because your family and friends live there. Be the driver of your own experience and avoid making the above-mentioned mistakes to have a delightful time.

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