Thursday 23 April 2020

The effect of COVID-19 on university admissions in UK

The United Kingdom offers to you qualifications that are acknowledged and regarded internationally. Universities in UK, are few of the oldest established education institutions which look to provide an underpinning for expertise needed to attain success in the globalised world. Humongous number of students like you decide to study in UK and the same can be attributed to a variety of reasons, however to truly understand how education in UK will benefit you, look no further. The below mentioned benefits of studying in UK, will bring to light the attributes that UK as a study destination holds.
Studying in the UK will give you the opportunity to work, travel and experience Europe. This is made possible as all major European countries are within the peripheral of UK. The affordable and easy connectivity makes it easier for you to travel to other European countries.
However, admist the COVID-19 pandemic, university admissions in UK have taken a big hit. As an international student, it is but natural to be conflicted with what to do further. There are probably a dozen questions running through your mind.
This, article looks to help you through the likely effects on university admissions in UK due to the COVID-19.

Current Situation
The current situation for the UK 2020 intakes is surrounded by an air of uncertainty. Whilst the COVID-19 has inflicted havoc and disruption in the UK education sector scenario. Universities in UK are optimistic about the future and are expecting things to be on schedule. They are of the opinion that by the next intake period, the situation is likely to be under control.

University Stance
Universities in UK are assuring international students that their applications will be accepted as well as processed as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Universities are also extending the offer making period, that allows international students time to make arrangements pertaining to receiving their transcripts, references and other necessary documentations. In most probability, universities may decide to commence enrolment to later dates probably by mid-October.

English Language Proficiency Tests
Universities in UK are continuing to monitor the provisions of the various English Language proficiency tests, and are conducting the same through the medium of Duolingo. Apart from this, there are a significant number of universities that are conducting these tests by themselves.

Visa centres are hoped to remain open and students can expect their applications to be kept under review.

Efforts Undertaken by Universities
Nearly, all universities in UK are ensuring to take considerable number of steps that will ensure minimum disadvantage occurs to students, especially international students. They are becoming extremely flexible in nature, and adjusting student enrolment accordingly. A major trend with universities is the fact that they partner with universities in other study abroad destinations. UK universities are those partnering with these institutions, allowing international students to commence their program at these institutions and then transfer to the UK, once things go back to normal. Universities are also offering COVID-19 related scholarships, tuition fees, discounts and waivers to prospective students.

Every year, a large number of international students make their way to study in UK. From undergraduate to Masters even PhD programs are offered at these prestigious institutions. As a student in the UK, one gets to witness different cultures and learn from the best in the field. The education system in the UK is recognized globally due to the quality through which knowledge is imparted.

Benefits of education in UK
• Strong Student Union enables students to attain discounts at a variety of avenues such as food and travel. The rights of students are also protected
• Financial assistance can be achieved through bank loans, bursaries, scholarships or sponsorship
• Regular assessment of universities ensures that they live up to the expected standard and provide quality education to the students
• Diverse Culture
• Extra-Curricular Activities
• Quality Education

Popular courses to study in UK
• Actuarial science
• Architecture building planning
• Business Management
• Creative Arts
• Computer Science
• Engineering
• Law
• Medicine
• Physiotherapy
• Sports Management
• Surgery
• And many more

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