Tuesday 21 April 2020

COVID-19 and its impact on education abroad

The world is now in the midst of grappling with the effects of COVID-19. Nearly every imaginable industry is dealing with its consequences. The overseas education industry is no different, all affected stakeholders such as students, universities, teachers and parents are baffled with what will happen next.
It’s safe to say that study abroad plans in 2020 will be affected, however one cannot predict its impact and there exists an air of uncertainty around the same.

Present Scenario
If we look at each country specifically, we can comprehensively understand the situation that persists:
UK: A majority of international students in the UK, decided to return to their home country amidst the impact of the coronavirus. A majority of universities in UK, were at threshold of completing their semester. Apart from this, substantial number of universities were on Easter break. A major trend among these universities was the fact that official classes were stopped and students were either asked to return to their home country or they could stay back in the UK, and complete their remainder of their course online.
USA: There are some international students who are still in the USA, due to the unavailability of flights and have decided to stay back to complete the rest of the semester online. The above-mentioned countries have permitted international students to stay back without having a negative effect on their visas, and this includes H1B visa holders as well.
Canada, Australia, New Zealand: Due to the current scenario, there has been an adverse impact on the part time jobs available, which invariably has detrimental effects on the income of the students. Therefore, certain study abroad destinations has allowed specific status holders who have either paid taxes, provident funds or have super annuity to drop these in order to access funds. Universities as well as the government is offering all possible assistance to international students.
What Next?
As a prospective international student, you are obviously wondering, what next? Engage in as much conversation as possible to gain maximum amount of information. You could continue making applications and preparing for necessary pre-requisite tests required as part of your application process. Whether part time jobs will be permitted or accessible are questions that only time can answer. The availability of part-time jobs will largely be dependent on the impact the economy has faced.
In an internal survey conducted, we found that 70% of the students were unsure and had decided to wait and watch as to how the situation pans out. 20% of the students mentioned that they were leaning towards the January or February intake of next year, whilst 10% said that they will give the year a skip.
Online Classes
Predominantly classes are likely to commence online, with the major assumption being that January classes will occur offline. However, as an international student you need to decide for yourself by weighing the benefits and analysing the costs. In most likelihood, online classes will be cheaper than the traditional medium. Online classes will not only enable you to save time but a large number of students seem to prefer the same. Even earlier, a significant number of universities in USA conducted online classes that were pre-recorded. In the future, online courses are going to become extremely significant, with assumptions of 50% online classes being accepted during the visa application process in the USA and the same being taken into consideration for course credits. Universities are likely conduct seminars in different time zones enabling students in every part of the world to attend the same. Although, this is not the same as interacting in classes, it allows students to come together.
Future Predictions
UK: The September intake may get pushed to October, with the visa office likely to open on June 1st. Online English tests for admissions are likely to occur, however whether it will be taken into consideration for visa is uncertain. Original submission of documents may be waived and deadlines are likely to get extended.
USA: Whilst the visa offices are currently shut, international students are continuing to make applications to study in USA. Institutions are likely to conduct online classes that will be taken into consideration while allocating course credit points. However, not all programs have online avenues.
Canada: Students looking to study in Canada in September are optimistic, because it’s a largely held belief that the situation is likely to be under control till then. Majority of the May’20 classes will begin online and subjects that don’t have the available online avenues are allowing students to switch to subjects that offer online programs. Attendance to online classes is likely to be given consideration during visa application, and factors such as commitment to course, fees paid are determining factors.
Australia and New Zealand: July intake is a cause of concern. Whilst visa applications are accepted online, the response time is slow. What is most expected is the delay of the academic calendar. Deadlines are likely to be extended.
Ireland: Continues to accept visa online.
·       Be patient
·       Be optimistic
·       Research
·       Keep the process on by preparing for entrance tests
·       Interact with people to judge the scenario
·       Consider making submissions
·       Regard online classes
Universities abroad are providing significant assistance by providing quarantine facilities. The impact on tuition fees, jobs, scholarships, education loans can only be understood with time.
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