Wednesday 15 April 2020

Importance of English for success at university

The highly globalized nature of today’s world has resulted in the world transforming into a global village. Although individuals continue to stick to their roots, most of them have accepted English as a prominent language.
When a student decides to study abroad to attain an international degree, the primary language of communication is English. Thus, success at university can be attributed to the knowledge of the English language.
The importance of English can be attributed to a variety of reasons:
·       Resource material
All textbooks, resource materials such as research papers and video materials are communicated in English. Majority of the courses are taught in English, thus to be able to communicate with the faculty, one needs to be well versed in the mentioned language. To attain education abroad means to be able to communicate ideas in the classroom, one needs to be able to converse in the language spoken by all. Furthermore, most courses have English language entry requirements such as IELTS, TOEFL in order to attain overseas education.

·       Recreation purposes
The overseas education experience is not restricted in the classroom; the enjoyment one derives outside the classroom is of equal importance. Because English will be largely spoken, knowing it will be of critical importance. Watching the local news, television shows, movies can only be comprehended through adequate knowledge of the language. Knowing the local language will not only enable you to communicate well but also increase your social standing. To feel part of the social group, knowing English will develop your networks.

·       Employment
Apart from having higher chances of gaining admission in the university of your choice whilst pursuing overseas education, the chances of attaining a job will also increase multifold. English is increasingly becoming a signal of one’s strength and is thus considered as a business language. In an organizational environment, one cannot work in isolation, thus having adequate knowledge of the said language will enable you to make a place in the firm. First impressions are of immense significance, thus being able to speak in English not only showcases your personality but enables you to gain confidence and be noticed. Making presentations at work will not seem like an arduous task with the required skills. Your career options become multifold because it equips one to become internationally mobile. Thus, after attaining an education abroad, the ability of attaining higher positions in the firm also increases.

·       Skill enhancement
Although students may have their accents, a basic understanding of English will enable you to communicate with the locals. The quality of life increases when you can communicate your experience with people. Your horizons are broadened because you can now measure success enabling you to reach your potential. The cross-cultural sensitivity by understanding one’s mindset makes you more aware as an individual.

Although knowledge is beyond English, in today's globalized world, having sound knowledge in the same has become a must.

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