Tuesday 11 December 2012

AUSTRALIA - Unlock Your Dreams

Today, there are more than 41,000 international students enrolled in Australian institutions for Australian qualifications. These international students are not only from India but from all over the globe.When you graduate from an Australian institution, your qualification will be recognised by international employers and major educational institutions around the world.This is because all qualifications from Australia are included under one national system. Australian Qualification Framework (AQF).

In Australia , you have a choice of course options from various fields that suits your goals. Whichever course you choose, you get to experience a unique kind of education pattern that promotes innovative, creative and independent thinking.This is because Australian education is more practice oriented and the education system is known for its effective structure and innovative policy developments. In order to achieve excellence in education, one must rely on practices or other hands-on experiential learning. Australia gives all this with the offered degree s with a very positive job outcome.

You can choose a wide range of courses and fields in the form of certificate courses, diplomas, advanced diplomas, graduate diplomas, bachelors , Masters and PHD options.There are variety of fields available of your interest like business,accounting,finance,engineering,computer,information technology, hospitality,nursing, physiotherapy and many more.

MBA in Australia is available for freshers as well as for work experience applicants.Not only this, students have an option for dual-degrees where they can opt for 2 combination degrees and gain value for money with 2 specialisations.

Some Australian universities will offer internship programs that students can take while they complete their studies and some will assist students to arrange an internship.

The major study intakes for Australia are February and July whereas, there are many management courses available in the November as well.Dual degrees are also available in the November intake.

As an international student you are allowed to work part-time for 40 hours per fortnight and full time during vacations.This benefits the student to gain pocket money and subsidise some expenses.

From March 2012, Streamelined Visa Process(SVP) has been introduced for Australian student visa applications.Under SVP even if the student is going for an 18 months or a 24 months program, he/she needs to show tution fees and living expenses in the bank account for only 12 months and the balance is based on his earning capacity to support the future study period. The funds may be held for any period of time which need not be of specific nature as long as the student is a GenuineTemporary Entrant (GTE) i.e. the students main intention is to study in Australia.

The student also gets an opportunity to stay back for 2 years after his study in Australia and gain some work experience after education.Two years of work experience after the Australian degree will make the student profile extremely strong. There is an option to extend the work permit upto 5 years and also apply for permanent residency.

We encourage students to come for counselling to our experienced counsellors and also encourage them to meet university representatives and get more information. Our counsellors will study the profile and will shortlist the best suited universities and also take care of their applications , visas and accomodation arrangements.The students can also interact with the Australian alumni and gain more knowledge about student life on campus.

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