Tuesday 11 December 2012

Dream On- Education USA

USA hosts a whopping 7,00,000 international students -- than any other country in the world.
No surprise's here, as the American Education System offers the most cutting-edge, sought-after programs at the world's best schools, in many fields. Universities in USA have consistently produced hundreds of successful and famous international students. The Prime USP is the flexibility to select and/or change ones field of study. 

The American education system offers international students the most diverse set of education options in the world. In fact, an international student who elects to take advantage of the American education system can pursue anything from art, business, computers, hotel management, engineering or even nuclear physics.
“I chose to study in USA because I liked the design of my program and what’s more, my university also encourages me to study as well as play,” said Keerti Patnaik, an excellent basketball player, who is Applied Mathematics from Long Island University.

Financing a post-secondary education abroad is no easy task but fear not, there are a number of resources to assist you. Over 20% of non-US students receive most of their academic funding from a US college or university through variety of programs. Many of them offer partial scholarships or some full scholarships, fee waivers, graduate/research/teaching/student assistant scholarships etc. International students also have the option of taking up well-paying campus jobs, working 20 hours a week on regular term and full-time during summer vacation.

Infact Edwise has helped several students over the years to receive some form of scholarship or tution fee waiver for the program of their choice as well as assist them to enrol in programs directly after their 3 years Indian Bachelors Degree.

What’s more, there are a number of good universities that now take students with 15 years of education as opposed to earlier when 16 years of education was necessary. Edwise has a large list of those institutions that would enroll students into an Study MBA or MS program after BCom or BSc degree from India. Mr Senthil Kumar Director of International Recruitment and Training, Johnson & Wales University says, “Some US Universities have started accepting students with 15 years of Indian Education (from NAAC Accredited Institutions) to their Masters Degree as they have understood the Indian education system curriculum."
Daniel Robb, Assistant Dean of Admissions at George Mason University says that In addition to traditional programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels, Mason now offers a new way for students with B.Com and B.Sc degrees to be admitted directly to graduate study in fields like business, engineering and computer science.

Another added incentive for students is that the US Embassy continues to streamline the visa process and make it more and more student friendly with each passing year. From February 1, the online Visa application process has been initiated, wherein non immigrant visa applications will be submitted using an electronic form. A newly developed DS-160 web-based Non-Immigrant Visa (NIV) application will incorporate all existing NIV applications into one interactive, online form.

Planning ahead is the best way to ensure a bright future. Edwise represents around 150 ranked USA universities. The counselors at Edwise recommend that students should start applyingif they are aiming for the September 2010 intake. So what are you waiting for, go for it now! Visit Edwise today and fulfil your American Dream.

Sushil Sukhwani

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