Tuesday 11 December 2012

What can I study in the UK?

UK offers education which allows you to be flexible and gain qualifications which are recognized and respected throughout the world. UK universities, UK colleges and schools provide multicultural and challenging academic environment which is many centuries old. Quality standards for all UK universities and institutions are among the very best and in the forefront of the academic world.
Some of the main areas of study pursued by Indian students in the UK are -
Engineering and Technical Degrees
  • A UK education in engineering and technology will give you the versatility to cross over into many different professions.
  • There is a high demand for mechanical engineers.
  • UK engineering and technology education is closely allied to industry and promote multidisciplinary collaboration between the research groups. Many UK courses give you the opportunity to work alongside professionals on research projects and industry placements with multinationals / corporations.
  • Almost half of the top 10 law schools of the world are British.
  • British law has been used as the basis of legal systems and jurisprudence throughout the world including India.
  • Studying law here benefits from centuries of knowledge and experience, and the students are also at the forefront of innovative new practices and research.
  • There are also opportunities for students to gain international experience by volunteering and working for International groups and legal activists.
  • Some UK based firms have offices in major financial & commercial centers across the world and UK also houses the largest law firm in the world.
  • UK Medical training has a long history of excellence and of offering training to overseas doctors. Leaders in medicine throughout the world have received their medical education in the UK.
  • The high standards of medical education with the strong regulatory bodies enable the graduates to be employable anywhere in the world.
  • Medical research is also of great value in the UK with constant breakthroughs in clinical practice.
  • The growing demand for specialised workforce in the healthcare area has influenced students in the related fields to focus on degrees in subjects like Dentistry, Physiotherapy, Pharmacology, Biotechnology, Public Health & Nutrition, Healthcare, Hospital management etc.
  • Many universities in UK offering these are well established and prestigious and are also at the forefront of modern medicine.
Hospitality, Travel and Tourism
  • UK education in this field could give you a real advantage in the competitive job market as institutions have close links with industry.
  • Skills and training gained will be in demand all over the world.
  • The only global professional hospitality qualification is offered by a UK Organisation, the Hotel and Catering International Management Association (HCIMA).
  • The British tourism industry is one of the longest established in the world.
If any of these is the area of your interest and you would like to benefit from a world class degree whether at Undergraduate or Postgraduate level, this is the time to visit the nearest Edwise office for counselling and applications for the upcoming september intake. Edwise is one of the best national representative of a large number of institutions in the UK along with being a Trusted Student Agent of the UK Border Agency. There are many universities and colleges visiting our offices in June to interview and meet students.

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