Tuesday 11 December 2012

UK – Demystified

If UK is your No 1 educational destination of choice, but you’re concerned about the lengthy visa procedures, then here’s news that will make you rejoice. The international-student friendly British Government, in its attempt to make the procedure simpler and more transparent, has been steadily streamlining its visa procedures over the past few months.

Visa approvals are now almost guaranteed to applicants from India who provide the requisite documents -- confirmed offer from a university in UK and evidence of financial support for tuition fees and living costs in acceptable format to help the student get 10 points-- under the new visa process called as Tier 4 of the Points Based System.The visa letter has been replaced by a single number known as the Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) Reference Number which has to be recorded on the VISA application form. A CAS is an electronic document that is created by a sponsor (who is an education provider, university or college,) licensed by the UKBA, to demonstrate that they have accepted an applicant to join one of their courses in the UK in top 
UK colleges 

The student needs to submit only selected few financial documents hereby getting rid of submitting cumbersome documents namely
a) Bank balance in saving accounts
b) Bank Fixed deposits
c) Education loan in the name of applicants

It is this precisely hassle-free student-friendly and constantly improving visa system that makes UK an irresistible attraction to so many international students.

Work oppurtunities-another added advantage is that the prospective student can be there in UK for another 2 years( after the succesful completion of the degree / pg program ) under the TIER 1 – Post Study Work scheme. For this category, students do not require any local sponsor in the UK or work-permit. However in the emerging global scenario, working and employment oppurtunities are not only limited to the UK. Students can now look beyond and find that there are suitable and exciting jobs available even in India. In fact , there are many companies and institutions who have t their offices here and are very receptive towards students who have studied and got degrees from the UK. Other options include joining our indegenios multinationals and big companies who are recruiting qualified and suitable staff. Another interesting area for graduates is to opt for entreprenurial start-ups which can combine their education with business skills to promote new ventures.

As for the courses, you can take your pick from the plethora of courses available, like applied and pure sciences, MBA, business, finance and administrative studies, medicine, legal studies, communications, tourism, computer and mathematics, architecture, creative arts, music and literature offered by the licensed sponsors.

And if you’re bogged down by monetary woes, there is the option of working for 20 hours per week part time and full time during vacations if you undertake a full time UK level degree/ postgraduate degree programme and 10 hours a week for any other higher education course programme below degree level.

So what are you waiting for? Head to the student-friendly land of opportunities! Lookout to meet the representatives from a large number of the uk universities at the Edwise offices or at the upcoming World Education Fair for spot admissions and offers for the September 2010 intake. Make the most of this oppurtunity by saving time as well as application fees in the application process. You are more than welcome to bring your parents/ sponsors along.

For details, please log on to www. edwiseinternational.com or www.worldeducationfair.com

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