Tuesday 17 December 2019

MBA specialization courses

The Masters of Business Administration is a postgraduate course undertaken by enthusiasts of the business world who look to enhance their knowledge in the corporate world.
An increasing number of people now pursue a MBA to become forerunners in the field and have an upper hand over the pool of aspirants. MBA is increasingly becoming an interdisciplinary course to study abroad, with a varied nature of specializations being offered. A MBA degree provides high returns on investment, the salary perks enjoyed will easily reimburse the tuition costs incurred.
Apart from one’s own inclinations, the ranking of university, faculty and the academic culture are determining factors in deciding the area of specialization when undertaking overseas education. The career service it promises to future managers makes it an alluring field of study.
The initial years of the program are spent on foundation learning, which later transforms into the area of specifications. Although there exists a wide ambit of specializations, an attempt is made to briefly analyze the areas:
  • Marketing
One of the most sought after specializations, a degree in marketing equips the student to be able to differentiate the product in today’s bombarding market. Furthermore, it enables the aspirants to create a niche market for the product. A student gets the ability to undertake market research and analysis, consumer behavior analysis, competitor analysis, brand management, advertising and sales distribution. Students with a marketing degree from overseas education have strong interpersonal skills due to the constant interaction with clients. One can also find himself working as a development manager or digital marketing manager. The prospects in the said field are extremely high with the opportunity to reach a high managerial position with well-paying jobs.
  • Finance
According to a recent survey, a large number of MBA graduates have specialized in finance. The high paying packets along with the thrilling nature of the job act as huge attracting factors to its pursuant. If one’s forte is mathematics, sailing through a finance course will be relatively easier. With knowledge in corporate finance, one can see himself in senior or managerial positions through the acquirement of a finance degree from an education abroad. The job area of a finance degree is extremely vast with openings as an investment banker, asset manager, portfolio manager, hedge fund manager or derivative manager.
  • Human Resource
The Human Resource department is extremely critical to the functioning of a company. Due to its importance in the firm, a Human Resource degree especially from overseas education is highly sought after and offers high job security. An HR manager looks after the recruitment, training, designing job profile, providing rigorous training, motivating employees, providing health and safety to its employees, looking after compensations and maintaining employee-manager relationship for the smooth functioning of the business.
  • Operations Management
In today’s fast paced world, businesses increasingly need individuals to process their systems. A degree in Operations Management enables one to manage manufacturing or service systems. A student can pursue product designing, supply chain management and quality control to name a few. Most of the work is related to logistics and networking. Other areas one can find employment is in import-export operations and transport, retail management and warehousing to name a few.
  • Consulting
Consulting is a high profile paying job which is sought after by individuals who are keen to study abroad. A consultant is a third party who provides strategical solutions to an issue faced by the company. Companies increasingly look to employ consultants when the in-house employees cannot find answers. They provide solutions in a wide range of fields that include IT, operations, public relations, advertising and education to name a few.
  • Information Systems
A large number of businesses are now making their presence online. This degree in information systems will enable the pursuant to manage an e-commerce business or provide aid in the field of IT. One’s job profile may include system analysis and network security.
  • International Business
As mentioned beforehand, national boundaries of the world have greatly disappeared and businesses no longer function within the territories of the country. Thus an international business major will enable an individual to participate in international trade, enabling them to work at a global platform. Aspirants can find themselves juggling between foreign exchange, export-import and foreign capital.
  • Entrepreneurship
Individuals increasingly want to have their own start-ups. Thus an entrepreneurship degree will enable one to develop skills to launch a business. One’s creative and analytical skills are greatly harnessed in this course. The rigorous nature of the course couples theoretical knowledge with practical experience. One must be able to assess the market scenario to be able to thrive in the said field.
Furthermore, specializations are available in vivid areas such as health or media. If you are looking to attain education abroad a MBA degree will catapult your career.

Student Testimonials

My counselor was very helpful throughout the entire process and guided me well. She was very protective in her approach.
Name: Neil Arnab Chaudhari
Country: Singapore
University: Singapore Institute Management

It was a very great experience. The staff was very friendly and kind.
Name: B Anil Kumar
Country: USA
University: Troy University

My experience with Edwise was wonderful. The counselors were very informative. I liked the counseling and services that they provided.
Name: Areeba Khan
Country: UK
University: Manchester University

I am very thankful to Edwise for its support in my career guidance. I got into the university of my choice because of their help. My counselor was excellent and was very helpful.
Name: Wen Liang Hsiung
Country: Canada
University: Humber College

My experience was very good the whole process was made easy for me. Everyone was very friendly & helpful to me.
Name: Nikita Nayar
Country: Australia
University: Murdoch

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