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What does it cost to study in UK?

A cosmopolitan society, a large number of nationalities who belong to various ethnic groups reside in the United Kingdom. Universities in UK provide you with the opportunity to learn and interact with a diverse range of individuals.
Equipped with an ambit of institutions, a large number of academic areas and subjects are taught to the students. Having a flexible program structure, various skill sets will be harnessed in you.
Although you are well aware of the magnanimous benefits you attain upon studying in UK, the cost component always remains a brooding question. As an international student you should be well aware of the cost breakdown. Having knowledge in the same will enable you to undertake appropriate budget planning. This not only prevents you from overspending but also ensures you have a smooth university experience.
Below given are a few cost considerations that you should take under consideration once you decide to study in UK.

Tuition Fees
Tuition Fees (Per Year/ Approx)
Arts, Humanities
Engineering/ Science

Living Expenses
Living Costs (Per Year/ Approx)
Places near London
Places other than London

If you’re looking to pursue either an undergraduate or postgraduate program, you are guaranteed accommodation by many universities in their Halls of Residence for at least in the first year provided you inform the university within the given deadline. You are met with three types of accommodation which is On-Campus, Off-Campus and Homestay. Within its ambit falls options such as those of college hostels, rented apartments or flats or living with family during the institution. Universities in UK have in them Halls of Residence that usually cost between £135-£340. Similarly, private student accommodation indicatively ranges between £160-£500. Lastly, rented apartments may approximately cost £120-£10000. The cost of accommodation ranges widely due to the difference in location and facilities offered.

Scholarships and Financial Aid
Universities in UK are usually funded by the government which results in slender funds available for the university to distribute amongst students, either as scholarships or bursaries. Some universities have certain awards which are given to students based on their performance during the course or their merit. As an Indian student you have access to certain special scholarships. These are exclusive of the ones offered by individual departments. The British government also undertakes sponsored awards like the Chevening Scholarship Commonwealth Scholarship, DIFD Scholarship. Because these scholarships are extremely competitive in nature, you must make application for the same in advance.

To study in UK, you need to have a valid student visa. To attain the same you need to make an application and incur a stipulated fee. An indicative value of what you may be expected to pay is £322.

Work After Course
You can work upto 20 hours a week during the duration of the course and full time during vacations. You can expect to earn, £5-£7 per hour, which approximately comes to £375-£525 per month during the term duration.

Transportation Costs
As a student who has decided to study in UK, you will invariably utilize public transport on a large scale. The train network, makes various cities in the country well-connected to one another. As a full-time student you can apply for a ‘16-25 railcard’, which helps you reduce the cost incurred during travelling. Underground services are largely utilized by the public. As a student you can use the Student Oyster Card, which again helps you save costs. There are also buses and coaches that are available as a full time student you can avail certain facilities which helps you save upto 30% of the cost. Cars and taxis are abundantly available but you should make sure to check the meter. Many students often cycle their way to places. Flights to the UK, form an integral component of the cost framework, thus reservations for the same should be made in advance. While attaining education in UK, you may travel to nearby European countries for a vacation, book the flight tickets for the same in advance to help save some costs.

Health Costs
As an international student who has decided to study in UK for a period of six months or more you qualify for Health Care. This is called the National Health Service, which requires you to pay a nominal surcharge during the time of visa application.

The National Union of Students negotiate large number of discounts on behalf of students on things like books, stationery, food, clothes, travel and entertainment. All students are entitled to free NUS membership.

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