Friday 13 December 2019

Top 6 MS Programs in USA

All possible fields of study have made their mark in the USA, however the top 6 MS programs in USA include:

  • Engineering
    The study area concerns itself in designing, optimizing, creating and maintaining machines as well as systems, structures and processes. Students are required to have a list of prerequisite skill set in mathematics, designing and advanced problem solving. The course lasts for 2 years but can vary according to universities. Students are required to be creative but at the same time have the ability to use mathematics and science tools appropriately. The
    decision making, problem solving, communication skills, teamwork and project management skills of the student are enhanced. Although the entry requirements vary, high scores in mathematics and science is a prerequisite. Some colleges require the students to give an entry proficiency test. Varied specializations such as Aerospace engineering, Industrial engineering, Mechanical engineering, Electronic Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Civil Engineering are offered. The skills learnt enable the students to become project managers and opens the pathway for them to undertake a PhD or any other research activity.
  • Computer Science
    MS programs in USA that offer Computer Science programs build on prior knowledge that students have in the said field. A highly competitive field of study, it looks to comprehend computer and its systems. The course is taught through the medium of research, peer-based training and lectures. The duration of the program depends upon the university. Students can find themselves working in the domains of software engineering, system advancement, artificial intelligence, computation. A critical field of study, it is rapidly growing. Students become problem solvers and can find jobs with software and IT companies, government, while some aspire to become entrepreneurs.
  • Business Analytics
    Business Analytics use data to solve business problems. As a field of study it looks to strategically manage finance and operations of a business. A wide and challenging field of study it looks to analyze supply behavior, consumer behavior, market analysis and understands the role that social media plays in the functioning of the business. It is
    usually a one-two year program, which is data driven, enabling the student to undertake decisions on consumer analysis, market scenario, statistics and database management. It imbibes in students, information based on business data analytics, predictive and database analytics, operations research and project management to name a few. Students may be required to have knowledge in the fields of mathematics, economics, business, engineering, statistics and computer science to name a few.
  • Supply Chain Management
    Supply Chain Management as a field of study is related to the movement of the commodity from the supplier to the consumer in an efficient manner. It looks to plan as well as organize the delivery system. Through the course,
    students are enabled to make cost effective decisions to give the business a competitive edge. A multidisciplinary field it looks to plan and control the strategic sourcing of the company. With the growing popularity of e-commerce, supply chain management has gained importance. The research analysis and problem solving skills that a student learns enables one to work as an industry analyst, supply chain consultant, project manager, sourcing and marketing. The course enables the students to maintain logs and manage the inventory. Studying this course enables the student to attain important positions in the business due to the critical role it plays in customer relations.
  • Finance
    MS programs in USA that offer these finance courses enable the student to make financial decisions and manage money. The economic tools that students use through the duration of the course enables them to understand the financial market. An MS course in Finance allows students to make place in the banking sector, financial planning, insurance and real estate to name a few. Working with numbers is a prerequisite in the said field which will enable students to predict financial trends to the financial demands of the company. US courses in finance are imperative because the aid the company in meeting their financial demands. A MS degree in finance will allow the student to work as a financial analyst, investment banker, financial manager, economist or a stock broker. A finance course allows the student to study a variety of subfields. MS programs in USA are prominent world over and receive support from the government.

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