Monday 9 December 2019

Rise of the MBA program

The Masters of Business Administration program is one of the most sought after post-graduate course opted by students to study abroad. A MBA degree is not only seen as a way to a successful corporate career but can also act as a means to enhancing the current career. Professionals look to continuously develop their skill set and in attempt to do so pursue a MBA.
After attainment of a MBA degree, one’s career options don’t get restricted to the field of business but in fact increases magnanimously. An individual can find himself being a forerunner in the field of healthcare, economics, information technology, marketing, finance and human resource to name a few. A typical MBA program that students study abroad lasts for 2 years and equips the student with all the skills required to thrive in the world of business.
The rise of the MBA program is due to a variety of reasons, some which include:
  • Online programs
Increasingly, universities now offer online courses to individuals looking to pursue a MBA. Professionals who don’t want to put a halt on their career but want to enhance their skill set pursue online MBA programs. The live lectures along with online assignments inculcate values of independence in the pursuants thus allowing them develop their skills. However, some students who require face to face communication continue to utilize traditional methods of teaching.
  • Job opportunities
The analytical skills that MBA graduates possess upon attaining their education abroad enables them to stay competitive throughout the career. Many companies have strict requirements where they only hire MBA graduates. Furthermore, consulting firms are more inclined to hire consultants with a MBA degree. By being in touch with latest market requirements while attaining overseas education, it becomes easier for MBA graduates to attain key positions at firms. The earning opportunities of degree holders increase magnanimously after getting this degree. Stability is of immense significance in the job market and an MBA degree provides just this. It re-energizes one’s career through the high level of learning. Universities provide aid to students to gain employment after completion of their course.
  • Personality development
Although the knowledge gained through the MBA program is of prominence, the skills that an individual gains upon attaining an education abroad is the icing on the cake. Skills such as those of conflict resolution, team leadership, influencing individuals and agility make them forerunners in their field. The business ethics one learns enables them to become confident, credible, disciplined, strategical thinkers thus enabling one to have a greater world view.
  • Course benefits
The MBA program harnesses creativity in the student’s which develops their entrepreneurial abilities, enabling them to set themselves apart from the crowd. The global credentials a MBA program has enables the achievers to have higher social prestige. Entry requirements in courses vary according to the university under considerations however, academic scores, letter of recommendations, entrance exams such as GMAT and professional experience is required to attain admission. The internship opportunities enable the students to practically imply teachings from class.

There are a range of countries that students choose to pursue their MBA from. One such country is the USA, the unique advantage is its diversity of student population that allows students to study amongst unique individuals, thus enhancing their career prospects.
As mentioned earlier, an MBA degree is the pathway to flourishing in the business avenue, Canada is known to be an international hub for aspiring MBA students.
If you're looking to study an MBA course in the UK, it will enable you to have global recognition and increase your chance of earning higher pay.
Apart from this, Australia and New Zealand are popular destinations as well.
Today’s technology driven world and the close interaction between MBA and technology makes it a great degree to have.

Student Testimonials

My counselor was very helpful throughout the entire process and guided me well. She was very protective in her approach.
Name: Neil Arnab Chaudhari
Country: Singapore
University: Singapore Institute Management

Very friendly and supportive, the best place to go for any counseling.
Name: Bikram N
Country: Ireland
University: Dublin Business School

Experience with Edwsie was very good and excellent.
Name: Krutarth
Country: New Zealand
University: Royal Business College

Edwise has been very helpful in each phase of my process. The people are very friendly and you are under no pressure once you are with them.
Name: Chinmay Deshpande
Country: Canada
University: Humber College

The experience was both fantastic and an enjoyable one. My counselor was very supportive with me at all times and helped me at every single stage.
Name: Niyati Mehra
Country: USA
University: University Of Pittsburgh

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