Monday 30 December 2019

Myths of studying abroad

Studying in another corner of the world can be a frightening experience. Not just the anxiety to study abroad but other miscellaneous reasons can make individuals have alarming thoughts in their mind. Relatives and peers often fill the students mind with false presumptions of what study abroad is like, which creates more misconceptions.
Being aware of the myths will enable one to tackle the same and have a joyful experience at university.
  • Cost
You often hear people talk about how overseas education is an expensive affair. Although true, this isn’t entirely accurate. If students wish to pursue quality education, the costs incurred will be high. Even if the student continues to study domestically, education at a premier institution will cost the same amount as that at a foreign institution. Moreover, universities abroad now provide ample scholarships and discounts. Education loans can also be availed as means of financial assistance when looking to study abroad.

  • Networking
For introverts, socializing can be a difficult task. Many believe that education abroad will be an issue because locals are given more importance and it is extremely difficult to find similar kinds of people. Furthermore, they believe that certain courses are only for a specific set of individuals. Individuals often find it difficult to interact with people of different age groups. Although daunting, the university experience can be enjoyed with immense socializing. Universities offer various groups, events, programs to enable diverse individuals to interact with one another.

  • Lifestyle
Although learning the local language is necessary to feel at home when attaining overseas education, most courses are offered in English and people interact in English as well. Having a basic understanding of the local language will be enough for a student to be able to survive in a foreign country. Due to the impeccable quality of teaching, every country specializes in a specific course. Although, students are used to the teaching received at home, programs offered at the universities abroad will help develop skill sets of the student.

  • Safety
Parents are often concerned about the safety issues of studying in a foreign country. The recent happenings around the world, further stress loved ones. However, institutions take great care of the safety of students on and off campus. Safety programs and briefings are provided to the students, especially those from abroad. Furthermore, government websites offer immense information related to transport, travel and food to make sure students are safe in the country.

  • Misconceptions
Other misconceptions that students have are that only students from the humanities background have varied choices and other fields have limited specializations. Countries no longer have limited options but make sure that varied choices are provided to students in all fields of study. Students think that any specialization can be undertaken from any country, however, every country specializes in different majors. People believe that education abroad is just an opportunity to get away from home and is similar to traveling. The independence one gains by inculcating in them new culture is an excellent skill set that one possess. Although, you will miss a few things back home, technology has made it painless to communicate with loved ones back home.

Employers are increasingly looking for foreign experience because an international student can adequately balance work, study and enjoyment.

Student Testimonials

I was happy with the suggestions & assistance provided by the members of the organization. The process was definitely shortened and handled with ease because of the above mentioned point. Cheers!
Name: Abhishek Naik
Country: New Zealand
University: University Of Wellington

Counselors were always there to help me. I am happy that I came to Edwise.
Name: Ishan Bakshi
Country: Australia
University: Swinburne university of Technology

Edwise is one of the most reputed institute which sends student abroad for education. The staff is very kind and co-operative, who helped sort out all my queries and issues.
Name: Abhishek Patel
Country: Canada
University: Lambton

I am very happy that I chose Edwise. They reduced my efforts and made the process fast. EDWISE ROCKS!!!
Name: Rhea Pritham Marpu
Country: USA
University: University Of Southern California

It has been an enriching experience while being at Edwise. I always felt at home when in Edwise as all the services provided here are the best.
Name: Priyanka Sanil
Country: UK
University: University of Brighton

Edwise Overseas Education Consultant
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Start your education overseas with valuable information on everything you need to know about studying abroad from study permits, temporary resident visas and how much it costs, to finding the best suited program for you.

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