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Study in New Zealand- Education System

With globally recognized qualifications, New Zealand universities have a strong focus on academics as well as welfare. Having a “best of both worlds” qualifications, it ensures that you receive quality education at economical rates. Communication in New Zealand is easy, as English is one of the most widely spoken languages. With impeccable climatic conditions and prominence given to safety, a large number of international students like you opt to study in New Zealand.
Another prominent reason to study in New Zealand is the migration and job search opportunities that students gain upon commencement of the course.
A unique feature of the education system in New Zealand is the establishment of Code of Practice. This ensures the preservation of your welfare. Only institutions that have affirmed and signed the code are permitted to enroll international students. This ensures that the institutes act reasonably and justly when enrolling international students. This also works the other way round by instilling in you confidence towards the university.
For detailed information on the education system in New Zealand, look no further!

Quality Assurance
The New Zealand government has set up nationally recognized means of quality assurance. The main aim of this assurance is to ensure that the responsible parties are investing in practices relating to quality education. Some of the bodies that ensure quality assurance include:

New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA)
Concerns itself with polytechnics and private training establishments

New Zealand Vice-Chancellors Committee (NZVCC)
Concerns itself with Universities

Types of institutions

Private Training Providers (PTEs)Registered and approved by the NZQA, they offer an ambit of courses that include English, aviation, business, dance, design, tourism, hospitality and much more.

Private Degree Providers
Their primary aim is to provide quality service to you along with skills that are of value in the professional sphere. They fall under the purview of the NZQA.

Funded by the state, they provide education and training at all levels. These encompass introductory studies as well as full degree programs. In some cases Postgraduate programs are also offered. The programmes offered by them are academic as well as vocationally focused. The reason they are able to do so is because they are in constant with relevant parties such as the government and employers. A wide variety of courses are offered by them.

Established in 1870, the university system in New Zealand is homogeneous to that of the United Kingdom. Having eight state funded universities, these are globally recognized for their academic excellence. Most of the universities fall under a centrally coordinated system that ensures the quality is maintained. However, at individual levels it also undertakes quality check. Apart from offering a wide range of courses, it also offers specialized courses. Nearly all imaginable study levels are offered at New Zealand universities along with different study programs.

Classification of Study Level

You are required to give a prescribed number of courses, papers and units through the three years. Field trips are also included in the program which not only harnesses skills but also gives you networking opportunities.

Graduate Diploma
A full time, one year course of study, it doesn’t require you to have prior knowledge in the area of the diploma.

Postgraduate Diploma
A full time, one year course of study, it requires you to have prior knowledge in the area of the diploma.

Master’s Degree
A one or two years of study, the said degree can be pursued after completion of the Bachelor’s degree. It builds on the knowledge you have received earlier and looks to catapult the same. Seminar presentations, research and thesis components are means through which the program is conducted.

A prominent education opportunity, it is a complete research based degree. A major benefit to undertake the said program from New Zealand is the fact that you can pay domestic tuition fees under certain circumstances. You can avail scholarships, either on the basis of academic merit or research ability.

Tuition Fees
As mentioned before, New Zealand universities offer the best of both worlds qualifications. Quality education is offered at economical rates. Undergraduate programmes approximately range NZ$20000-NZ$28000. Postgraduate programmes approximately range NZ$24000-NZ$35000.

Academic Year
New Zealand universities and colleges begin their academic year in February to November. Universities have two semesters with a break of four weeks in June. Summer schools operate during November to February. All universities and colleges operate under slightly varying academic calendars. Main intakes in universities are in February, May, July and September. Polytechnics on the other hand offer multiple intakes.

With the above information regarding the education system in New Zealand, you’re experience there is likely going to be enhanced.

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